Hear what some past clients and students are saying about
The Prop Styling Experience.

"I highly recommend The Prop Styling Experience to any aspiring creative who dreams of taking their talents to the next level. Robin has a passion for prop styling and it shows through her workbook pages as well as her one on one tutorials with hands on styling. She has a lovely balance of working alongside an individual’s specific aesthetic to help grow a resume of photographs along with practical teaching methods that will carry the student through to future jobs. Her extensive experience in the prop styling field coupled with her joy to impart her wisdom to her students was such a breath of fresh air. Travel to NYC and go to The Prop Styling Experience". UPDATE: On signing with an agent. “I absolutely love it! Thank you for training me—I feel I partially got the job with them because of my training with you!” —Katie Benson, Prop Stylist, Atlanta

"For those serious about a career in styling, The Prop Styling Experience gives an honest look into the ins and outs of this behind-the-scenes profession. Robin is an engaging mentor who uses her intense passion for styling to encourage her students and fuel their fires. Having been in the wedding industry a few years, Robin gave me the tools and confidence I needed to transition into freelancing as a commercial stylist. It was an invaluable experience to spend some time with her in an open, collaborative environment and to get a glimpse into her process, techniques and work habits. Never have I felt as supported and encouraged as I was during this workshop. I came away feeling validated, revitalized and purposeful with a list of action steps to put me on a path towards working commercially."
—Janelle Gonyea, re:find Joy, Chicago

"After a couple of months of searching and finding it difficult to locate information on the business side of styling, I found Robin and her two-day workshop, The Prop Styling Experience. Robin was a wealth of information. It was so worth the cost and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a comprehensive class on styling. I left with all my questions answered and a booklet filled with notes on how to best showcase myself in social media to how to navigate a job from start to finish. She helped me figure out a great way to come up with themes for shoots and how to focus my portfolio toward the market that I live in. On top of all of that, she is a wonderfully kind, patient and fun instructor. She guided me throughout the process in a way that made me feel very creative and relaxed. I left with all the tools and the confidence that I can do this on my own. It truly was a wonderful experience!" —Jackie Cotto, Prop Stylist, San Francisco, California

"Robin welcomed me into her studio with open arms and made me feel right at home, ready to explore the world of styling. Her knowledge of the industry was endless (which did not surprise me given her impressive resume) and she has impeccable taste. While teaching she always made a point to step back to allow for my own unique style to come to life naturally rather than forcing her own design aesthetic on to me. Within the two days of the workshop, Robin not only managed to bring my creative imagination and passion to life by educating me on an industry I never knew existed, but also made me realize the importance of pursuing your dreams and that anything is possible. Innovators like Robin are few and far between and I would take her workshop on hundred times again if I could."
— Alice Tersey Regan, Decorator and Stylist, Hoboken, New Jersey

"When I first enquired about The Prop Styling Experience, Robin asked me the most insightful questions about me and my business. She really wanted to learn my story and the result was a very personal session tailored specifically for my needs. But it was so much more than I imagined. Based on the goals we set, the day was productive and creative and I walked away with not only a much greater awareness about prop styling but I had a session with a mentor that I greatly respect. What I learned from Robin is now a part of how I prepare for clients and for my photo shoots. Each area has improved greatly as a result of The Prop Styling Experience. The day was extremely helpful and worth the trip to New York City!"—Jamie Jamison, @alajamie, Youngstown, Ohio

"As an artist and Etsy shop owner, I wanted to improve my skills in presenting my products in a way that told a story to engage on social media. By the end of the class, I created beautiful images to post on my site and across social platforms. I truly loved this class and would highly recommend it to all Etsy shop owners and entrepreneurs!"—Min Lee, Mintybasil Design, NYC

"I absolutely loved doing The Prop Styling Experience with Robin. She has such a detailed and creative approach for creating beauty that I found very inspiring. I'd recommend this course to anyone working in a creative industry, to explore your own possibilities, learn new things and have a truly magical experience." —Jade Goulding, Style and Space, Brisbane

"Robin is such a terrific storyteller. I love the way she manages to bring out hidden stories from each and every object, and how she knows just how to arrange them to create layers of fantasy. I appreciate the priceless knowledge she shared with us and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to spend so much quality time with an artist of her caliber. She made me realize that when it comes to telling visual stories, you can break all the rules and wind up somewhere between the sublime and the subversive."—Driely, Photographer, Racked.com, NYC

"Robin invited us into her studio of styling treasures for an intensive, hands-on class that was customized just for us. The day was invaluable and inspiring. With a background as an Art Director, Robin brings a practicality mixed with creativity to her craft. We got hands-on training as we put her insight into practice and got to style our own shots. We could pick from anything in her collection of props that is as delicious as the food we were shooting. I highly recommend The Prop Styling Experience!"—Helen Todd, Co-founder & CEO, Sociality Squared, NYC

"The Prop Styling Experience was incredibly constructive and inspiring. Robin encouraged my creative vision and provided a structured environment which helped me follow through and execute my photo shoot concept. I feel like I have found a true mentor"—Samantha Vigorito, @loveandlightbulbs, Stylist, CT

"As a photographer, I wanted to expand my understanding of prop styling to enhance my abilities. Not only does Robin have a great eye, she is a wonderful teacher and structured our day perfectly. I was impressed with her honesty and willingness to answer questions without hesitation. I definitely recommend this class to photographers who are interested in improving their craft"—Kelsey Fain, Photographer, NYC

"I took Robin's styling class and came out with the knowledge needed to pursue styling as a career. I am extremely grateful for Robin's enthusiasm, support and encouragement that helped solidify my desire to involve myself in this industry. She is a positive and energetic instructor who truly loves styling and sharing her love for it with her students. I am so glad to be working as an assistant stylist now and feel so fortunate that I took her class." —Sophia Pappas, Prop Stylist, NYC