Personal Brand Moodboard Session + Creative Consultation


Personal Brand Moodboard Session + Creative Consultation


A BESPOKE STYLING SESSION: We are bombarded with so much visual stimulation on Instagram and Pinterest these days that it is hard to navigate through the eye candy to discern and clarify our own personal brand. It can be overwhelming to sift through and filter out distractions that keep us from defining our unique path as creatives. I am here to support and guide you. Through exploratory exercises we will tap into your inner stylist to unlock aspects of your personality and translate them into a one-of-a-kind mixed media assemblage of objects, fabrics, ephemera, color swatches and natural elements for you to photograph. These photos can become a springboard for an in-depth branding project or to clarify your goals so you can create and flourish.

When you book your 3-hour session, you will receive an detailed questionnaire that will provide some focus for our work together. A 15-minute pre-session Skype call will also be set up.

While we undergo this process you'll receive support and direction to set you on a path towards your creative goals. You'll have the opportunity to have all your questions answered about the creative or business side of styling whether you hope to style for clients or just for your own products.

THE details:

  • Perfect for beginners starting to explore creative opportunities or experienced stylists looking for a creative refresher.
  • Bring a few small items that resonate with you or treasures that belonged to a family member. You will also have access to choose from my vast collection of props, backdrops and materials.
  • Bring your camera or iPhone. You will leave with photos of your personal brand moodboard.
  • Sessions run 3 hours, from 10:00 am to 1pm on weekdays, 11:00 to 2pm on weekends.
  • Investment: $575 inclusive of all materials. This is for photography only.
  • Please get in touch to schedule the date. and click the button below to purchase.  
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