10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Pretty Up
Your Food Photos

Here's my list of My Favorite techniques to trY:


# 1: Layering

Layering adds depth and dimension, interest and texture to the shot. Use bread boards, two plates of different sizes, platters, round slabs. Weave linens between a bowl and a plate. Layer a skillet over a dish towel, over a board, over the surface. You get it.

# 2: Boxing/Framing

Use boxes and boards as frames around the subjects of your shot. A square or rectangle baking pan or tray can become a frame too and adds a compositionally interesting device from which you can spill out elements like serving utensils and “break the border”.


#3: Create Unique Paper Backdrops

with paper prints or newspaper. I created the botanical print backdrop with pages from an old book I bought on Ebay.

#4: Handmade Ceramics

The uneven, undulating edges and roughness somehow emphasize the homemade spirit of the recipes and implies a return to simplicity. The texture and imperfections of a handmade ceramic dish is what may turn a shot from ordinary to awe inspiring.


#5: Napkin Wrangling

Rather than folding the napkin in the conventional way, my strategy is to drape the napkin first into an interesting shape, then find the opportune place for the plate on top of the fabric. I could teach a whole class on napkins!

#6: Monochromatics

There are so many color palettes to choose from, but here's one you may not have tried yet. A Monochromatic palette has the linens and plates the same shade as the background, blending in for a hip, stylized tone-on-tone look.

#7: Pretty Shapes

Chop your fruits and veggies into unique, pretty shapes. Unusual graphic shapes make the shot memorable.

#8: Show Your Hands...

baking, pouring, eating, show your kids hands, your friends hands, or hands making an offering of a bounty of berries. Hands give a feeling of sincerity and community, coziness, friendship and family.


#9: Fill The Frame With Flowers

Fill the frame with beautiful dramatic flowers. Colorful, fluffy and full of texture. Organic and fresh. These are some words that come to mind when I see a shot with flowers.
You can’t go wrong at all with flowers.

#10: Throw a Party!

Invite friends over, set a table of festive food and drinks and have a photoshoot! You can also fake it by showing a stack of plates, multiple glasses filled with bubbly, or a nice cheese and fruit platter, cocktail forks, a cake and lots of party props.


Bonus:#11: Tell a Story With Props

Your blogs have stories to tell. You are looking to create environments that align with the story you are trying to convey to your audience whether you are trying to reach the vegan crowd, moms with kids, or urban nomads. You want the right backdrops and props that tell your story. Show your morning breakfast with your coffee and your newspaper, if you’re baking with the kids, throw in the tools and a little wooden toy…I like to use old family photos, grandma’s teacups, postcards, my mother’s vintage kitchen tools. Show your camera and your vacation photos. Let your audience know WHO YOU ARE.


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