Within each and every one of us is an untouched well of creative energy yearning to be expressed. Whether you need some solid career direction, more comprehensive mentoring or a portfolio review,
I'm here to help. 

"Robin encouraged my creative vision and provided a structure which helped me follow through and execute my concepts.
I feel like I have found a true mentor."-Samantha Vigorito, Stylist, NYC

Are one of these you?

• You know you want to be a stylist, but you don't know where to begin or how you will make money. 

• You are an experienced stylist, but you're looking to expand your client offerings into a new area of expertise.

• You want to make space in your life for more creative pursuits like Instagram. 

You are energized, committed and hungry for this change in your career and lifestyle. I can walk you down a path of accountability, setting up goal tiers of bite-sized achievable tasks to get you closer to where you want to be in a realistic timeline. I can help you make connections, put together a web portfolio or research the job market in your particular region. Or if you simply want to dive into Instagram head first I can help you discover where to find that Pandoras box of inspiration.

Meet with me via Skype or in person for a one or 3-hour consultation or a package of
4/ 90 minute weekly strategy sessions which will arm you with actionable steps towards your career goals.
Those who have completed the One-on-One Intensive are eligible for discounts on coaching packages.

Get in touch at info@robinzachary.com or
through the contact page

The Takeaway:

  • I will identify what may be holding you back and assist you in wading through the roadblocks so you can move closer to your goals.
  • I will help you find greater clarity of purpose, what you really want to do within the broad category of "styling".
  • Whether you are just beginning or looking to switch gears and go in a different direction I will arm you with a starting point and a list of actionable steps including portfolio assignments and critique (with weekly coaching only).
  • Portfolio review (if applicable) of current work on your personal website or Instagram gallery
  • Skill work in composition, technique, theme and narrative, moodboard creation, business tools and more!
“I was feeling so stuck in my creative journey and Robin did more than "unstuck" me,
she helped me soar, even though we lived in different continents and time zones!
My work started getting noticed immediately and I landed my first client shortly after.
I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.” Joy Wong—stylist, Singapore


Professional Portfolio Review for experienced stylists

With over 20 years on both sides of the business, the hiring of stylists and then working as a freelance stylist, I can guide you in laying out and pacing your web portfolio so it is geared towards editorial and commercial styling work. I will assess your current layout and style of shots to make recommendations and even give you shoot assignments to round out the presentation which is of utmost importance in getting work. Get in touch to arrange and purchase this service.